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Robert Safian Urged Audience to Focus on ‘Missions’ in Business

By Jamie Wilson To wrap up the 2018 VM Summit, Robert Safian, founder of Flux Group and former editor-in-chief of Fast Company engaged the audience through four lessons and seven questions. His aim was to showcase the kind of tactics that define the modern company. These lessons and questions that Safian went through explored office […]

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The Customization Myth: Why Most Speakers Can’t Make Changes To Their Speeches

By Mike Humphrey (originally published on LinkedIn) There is a familiar frustration with organizations regarding speakers. You pay them good money to deliver a speech that really means something to your audience, and in turn, your organization. You conduct pre-event phone calls and send packets of info with the speaker. Yet they walk on stage with relatively the […]

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How To Stand Out In The Attention Economy

From Fast Company, by ROBERT SAFIAN  4 MINUTE READ There is blood everywhere. And lithe, scantily clad bodies. Music thrums hypnotically. Laughter rings. A weapon is drawn menacingly. Hundred-dollar bills float down through the fog. And don’t forget the cats: Aren’t they cute?? This is the modern media scape: An adrenaline-fueled, dopamine-engineered, titillating, exhilarating, unending plea for your ears, […]

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How We Do It: Creating a Culture of Innovation

from Deborah Perry Piscione‘s popular book The People Equation: Why Innovation Is People, Not Products One of the key differences between being a manager and being a leader is the focus from what you do in business to how you get things done. How do you enable employees who have good ideas to build upon them […]

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One thought on "How We Do It: Creating a Culture of Innovation"

Virginia Reeves says:

Glad to see this concept receiving more attention. So much more creative and mind-expanding to say “Yes and….” than to stifle those ‘crazy ideas’. This is what good brainstorming and mind-mapping is about. Look at children and notice how they keep investigating and asking WHY? Continuous learning at all ages keeps those brain cells churning out more ‘good stuff’.

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