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Our first-rate speakers specialize in energizing business leadership and audience motivation. Choose from stories about disruptive innovation, advancing technologies, overcoming adversity or starting a burgeoning business in a small garage. Your attendees are sure to gain a new perspective on life, work, knowledge, and more.

When you’re looking for a way to motivate your organization’s leaders, turn to Nextup Speaker Management. We find you world-class professionals that include corporate motivational speakers, conference speakers, and business motivational speakers. Our company represents engaging, talented, and brilliant professional speakers from every kind of industry, which includes science, the arts, business, and general interest. From innovative technology to creating a culture of progressive leadership, we cover the topics that are most relevant to your group’s or business’s needs. Some of our most popular speakers’ topics include:

Rebecca Costa Wows Leaders at Data Conference.

Speaking at a big data conference, Rebecca Costa advised business leaders to get used to the idea of “predapting” (preparing to adapt ) to changing technologies and economic conditions. Information is flooding over us in unprecedented volumes, speed and diversity. We have to adapt to change before the change takes place. “We can’t wait to […]

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The Passionate Workforce: Creating Companies that Inspire Customers, Shareholders and Employees

by Lance Secretan A client recently asked me to support them in enhancing their culture and raising the performance of their team. Following our discussion they told me that they wanted to focus on “more technical and practical things” first— like, improved writing skills, better time management, and stronger sales  and customer service skills. After […]

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Invention vs. Innovation: What Drives True Disruption?

by Deborah Perry Piscione Innovation has always been defined quite differently from invention. It used to be that innovation was “the introduction of something new; a new idea, method or device; a novelty.” In a more modern and revised definition, innovation is “the creation of better or more effective products, processes, services, technologies or ideas […]

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Leadership Speakers That Matter

Leadership has entered into a new era.  Science, technology, workforce changes and new business models have advanced leadership tools and skills, and our understanding of how to use them.  If we don’t keep up, someone else will, and nobody wants to be left in someone else’s wake.  Meet a few of these pioneers in leadership: […]

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